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So you want to get your new book for sale on Amazon.  You have your manuscript ready to go but have no idea how to move forward.  We can help.  We can assist you with however much help you need. 


1.  Do you need to have your book edited?  We can do that.


2.  Do you need help with the format of your book?  We can do that.

3.  Do you need help finding the right cover art?  We can do that.


4.  Do you need help with the design of the front cover, back cover and spline?  We can do that.


5.  Do you need help getting it published on Amazon?  We can do that.

6.  Do you need help getting it published on Kindle?  We can do that.

7.  Do you want to see your book available as an audio book?  We can do that.

If any, or all, of the above items are adding to the stress in your life, contact us and let us know what you need.  Send us an email at

The cost of the above items will vary for a specific book.  Once we have the particulars on your book we can give you an estimate of the cost and timing to completion.  However, to give you a general idea, in the box below are the itemized charges for a specific customer's non-fiction work.

Please note that the charges for your book may vary from those below.  We will provide you a quote for your specific work after you tell us about your project.  All charges are in US dollars.



Edit charge $0.01/word

Format charge $5/final page count

Cover Art $50/hr

Cover Design $50/hr

Publish on Amazon $50

Publish on Kindle $10

Audio Book Production $50/hr

Audio Book Narration $150/finished hr, or $150 + royalty share

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